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Please take note of the following regarding the SPEAK Youth Rally.

  • After Friday vespers, we will be hosting an After Glow.  In our A F T E R G L O W open mic program, everyone is welcome to step up and share either your testimony, songs (guitar or keyboard will be provided), Slam poetry/Poetry or anything that God has inspired you to do. Come prepared to share!
  • Lunch and Supper on Sabbath will be provided for the attendees of the Youth Rally.
  • Sabbath afternoon we will be doing O U T R E A C H into the community.  There will be a couple options but be prepared to go outside and walk a bit!
  • Saturday night gym A C T I V I T I E S will be going on at the Seventh-day Adventist Christian School (2228 Herman Ave).  This event will conclude around 10 pm.  Bring running shoes and clothes to move around in. Feel free to make teams with team colors for a dodgeball tournament!
  • BILLETING: If you are being billeted, please bring sleeping bags and pillows and maybe even a thank-you card for your hosts! Breakfasts will be covered by your hosting family.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there! It’s going to be great.  

May God bless our plans and your travels!

Let’s all get ready to listen, SPEAK, and echo God’s message to us.

-the Youth Rally Leadership Team

Belize Mission Trip 2017

Belize 2017 This year, we will be building a school for a young church that is growing fast in the small village of Billy White in Belize.   All Man-Sask participants will travel to Edmonton where we will meet up with the Alberta participants to fly to Belize.  Our flights are from Edmonton to Toronto and then directly to Belize City.  The Borland Family will be picking us up by school bus at the airport and taking us the last stretch of our trip to the Faith FM Radio Station in Santa Elina, our home for the week.  Each day we will travel to the worksite to build a brick school and spend time with the kids at the Adventist school there.  We will take a day out our busy schedule to swim and snorkel in the ocean.  There is some world-class snorkeling in the area and you will be amazed by the beautiful coral and fish.  At the end of our trip, we will say good-bye to all of our new friends and fly back to Edmonton. Participants should be 16 years old and older. To register to become a participant on the trip, please fill in an application form and return to Sandra Wall at the Man-Sask Conference. This year’s mission trip date is April 12-19, 2017. The trip cost is $1800 each and includes flights, ground transportation, food, lodging, snorkeling, and project costs. Please take note that all monies will go through the Alberta Conference of SDA. Registration Package Insurance Information


SPEAK. — Saskatoon 2016


Speak. At times the world around us becomes too loud and we can’t hear the Voice of one who loves. The screens scream at us to give our attention to the images flashing there. The homework, exams, and to-do-lists exhaust all of our time. Our minds struggle to find peace in the constant barrage of sound entering our senses. The Voice we need to hear is calling.  Come join us as we seek to quiet the noise and listen for God’s voice.  Speak Lord, we are listening.

DATE:               November 18-20, 2016

LOCATION:       Victoria Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church (1002 Victoria Avenue, Saskatoon, SK  S7N 0Z8)

REGISTER:        Fill out form below!

DEADLINE:      November 13, 2016

QUESTIONS?:    Youth Department (306-244-9700, youth@mansaskadventist.ca)

COMING FROM WINNIPEG?: Contact Pastor Alex Portillo for a ride (aportillo@mansaskadventist.ca)

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SPEAKER: Jordane Smith
She was born and raised in Toronto and  is a recent graduate of Burman University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. She plans to continue her studies at Andrews University where she will be doing a Masters in Divinity and a Masters in Social work. Her hope is to work to reach both churched and ‘unchurched’  for Christ by creating spaces where “the least of these” can belong, be seen, be heard, and be loved.


Canadian Youth Summit

Transcend Canada Youth Summit 2016_poster_long

Don’t miss the empowering experience to be trained and deployed as the next generation of young people in service for the Kingdom of God. Whether it be on the public or private student campuses from across Canada or in the workplace, this summit will inform and invite you to go full out with Jesus to reach those around you with love, goodness, and the challenge to join us in building God’s domain everywhere. Continue reading “Canadian Youth Summit”

Man-Sask Youth World Cup Soccer Tournament

On the evening of March 19, 2016 in Regina, Saskatchewan a monumentous event is happening! Youth from all over Saskatchewan and Manitoba will come together to participate in our very own soccer World Cup! Get your friends together, make a team, and come ready to have some friendly competition of 5 vs 5 indoor soccer!  We encourage you to get team colors or shirts as well! Register your team below!

DATE:             Saturday, March 19, 2016

TIME:             8:30 PM

LOCATION:  Curtis-Horne Gymnasium (3718 Hill Ave Regina, SK S4S 0X5)

REGISTER:   Registration Form Below | Only 1 registration per team

DEADLINE:  March 13, 2016

QUESTIONS: Youth Department (youth@mansaskadventist.ca)



  • Must have at least 5 players (games will be 5 vs 5, including goalie)
  • Up to 2 adults on a team (only 1 can play at a time)
  • Must register ahead of time

Man-Sask Young Adults Ski/Board Trip

Get away for deep fellowship, great slopes, and inspirational Bible-based messages. The Man-Sask Young Adults Ski/Board Trip is the perfect retreat to reflect on your relationship with God while getting physically active through winter sports. A special speaker will be there to guide the devotional time. Mark your calendars!

WHO? People between the ages of 18-35 years

WHEN? February 26-28, 2016

WHERE? Asessippi Ski Resort | Box 70, Inglis, MB R0J 0X0

COST? $150 without rentals, $175 with rentals (Includes accommodations, food, and lift ticket)


2016 Camp Staff Application-Now Available

Interested in an exciting and rewarding experience?  We are now accepting applications for the 2016 Summer Camp Program at Camp Whitesand.  Join our team to learn about God, experience nature, challenge yourself and have the experience of a lifetime.  This year, a new streamlined online system is being used for the Camp Staff Application. If you unable to access the online forms, please contact youth@mansaskadventist.ca.

DEADLINE: February 22, 2016


Winnipeg, MB – January 10, 2016

Lacombe, AB – January 31 – February 1, 2016

Once you’ve completed your application, please find 3 people to fill out the recommendation form for you (returning staff only require 1 recommendation)

[button link=”https://www.ultracamp.com/clientlogin.aspx?idCamp=533&campCode=cws” linkTarget=”_blank”]APPLICATION FORM[/button]

[button link=”http://campwhitesand.com/?page_id=1270″ linkTarget=”_blank”]RECOMMENDATION FORM[/button]

[process_steps type=”horizontal” size=”default” number=”4″] [process_step title=”Go to Ultracamp Website” icon=”check-circle” link=”https://www.ultracamp.com/clientlogin.aspx?idCamp=533&campCode=cws”] The streamlined online application form. [/process_step] [process_step title=”Create an Account” icon=”check-circle”] Or login to your account if you’ve already created one. [/process_step] [process_step title=”Select STAFF APPLICATION” icon=”check-circle”] There will be several different sessions available. [/process_step] [process_step title=”Complete Form” icon=”check-circle”] Have all your personal information ready to fill out the form. [/process_step] [/process_steps]