Belize Mission Trip 2017

Belize 2017 This year, we will be building a school for a young church that is growing fast in the small village of Billy White in Belize.   All Man-Sask participants will travel to Edmonton where we will meet up with the Alberta participants to fly to Belize.  Our flights are from Edmonton to Toronto and then directly to Belize City.  The Borland Family will be picking us up by school bus at the airport and taking us the last stretch of our trip to the Faith FM Radio Station in Santa Elina, our home for the week.  Each day we will travel to the worksite to build a brick school and spend time with the kids at the Adventist school there.  We will take a day out our busy schedule to swim and snorkel in the ocean.  There is some world-class snorkeling in the area and you will be amazed by the beautiful coral and fish.  At the end of our trip, we will say good-bye to all of our new friends and fly back to Edmonton. Participants should be 16 years old and older. To register to become a participant on the trip, please fill in an application form and return to Sandra Wall at the Man-Sask Conference. This year’s mission trip date is April 12-19, 2017. The trip cost is $1800 each and includes flights, ground transportation, food, lodging, snorkeling, and project costs. Please take note that all monies will go through the Alberta Conference of SDA. Registration Package Insurance Information


Trip to Mexico in 2010

LogoWe are excited about the upcoming trip to Tesopaco, Mexico.  Tesopaco is one of the poorest counties in the Mexican State of Sonora.  Presently, a Seventh-day Adventist church and an elementary school are operating in the area, working with the community, especially in the area of education.  The school is working with their Conference to expand into a boarding high school.  Our project goal is to construct a cement-block dormitory, complete with roof in the allocated time.  Several trades people and skilled workers will direct the group in their daily tasks to make this goal a reality for the school.

It will be wonderful to bless the school with a dormitory, but the participants themselves will receive some benefits.  First and foremost, it will be an opportunity to be a set of helping hands doing a job for Christ.  This trip will also present the experience of serving others and learning about a new country and culture.  Our youth will witness firsthand the impact of their actions, and how their blessing will benefit young people like them for years to come. 

The date of the trip is February 7-16, 2010