Academy Days at Parkview Adventist Academy

Parkview Adventist Academy is holding our Annual AcademyDays May 14-15.

This is a FREEevent for students and sponsors that are interested in checking out PAA. We are hoping to make this year biggerand better than ever and we are excited to have you come out for the weekend!For Information please contact us by either calling 1-800-661-8129 Ext. 4111 oremail Check out our website at!!

Courage to Stand: Journal

The 2009 International Camporee’s programming consists of two main areas: Daytime Programming and Nighttime Programming. Daytime Programming includes all events, both onsite and offsite, that occur during daylight hours on the CTS grounds. Nighttime Programming consists mainly of the nighttime stage program and all that is involved directly with it, including Bible & Buck and the nightly presentation of Esther.