JCI2 2010

JCI2 Logo “Just Claim It!” – 2nd NAD World Youth Prayer Conference

(Silver Spring, MD) The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America will

host its second World Youth Prayer Conference on April 7-11, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. Themed “Just Claim It: Experience the Power of Prayer – Claiming Communities for Christ,” youth from all over the world will participate in this power packed experience to claim the power of God in their lives.

Crime, violence, drugs, and sexual immorality have plagued all homes, communities, schools, and even churches. “The purpose of this Prayer Congress is two-fold. First it will draw serious attention to the challenges of senior youth by reintroducing them to a love relationship with Christ. Second, it will empower them to reclaim their cities through service to others while bringing a message of hope,” said James Black, Sr., director of youth ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.

This new and unique spiritual experience will draw over 15,000 attendees to begin a 5-day prayer journey to “Just Claim It” in the name of Jesus. In addition to the 120 hours of organized prayer, organizers have coordinated 15 workshop tracks (180 workshops), a special community mission project called “Just Make-Over,” speaking opportunities for teens called “Youth Preach-Out”, drama presentations focusing on Biblical prayer encounters, Biblical floats parade, and a music festival with a special feature of the 300 voices JCI Mass Choir accompanied by a 250 piece orchestra and Recreation (translations provided for international attendees).

To ensure the JCI impact in every community, special invitations have been sent to the President of the United States, his cabinet, members of Congress, the Senate, Governors, State Legislatures, Mayors, City Councils, Community Activists, and world leaders of every nation. “We want leaders to come and have our youth lay hands on them and pray for their leadership,” said Black. “Also, delegates are encouraged to bring non Adventist relatives and friends to JCI – this voids the “it’s just for us” mentally. It’s time our youth know that their prayers can literally impact the entire world,” he said.

To raise seed funds for this unique youth experience, organization have established a donation initiative called Dreamers 100.

For more information on the conference, registration, schedule details, or to be a volunteer, please visit www.jci2.org or send an Email to info@jci2.org or call (301) 680-6420.

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