Being a Saskatchewan girl, born and raised, I've grown up surrounded by the golden fields of harvest.  It wasn't until I was a young adult that I was actually able to get out into those fields and experience a combine and harvest.



Spring is here! Or so it seems but you can never quite know with prairie weather.  I always love the promise of warm weather and green grass that this time of year brings.  Despite the brown that seems to pervade my view and the mud and puddles that splash my car, I know that there is a time coming when all this will be gone, making way for sunburns and mosquitos. 

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Years ago I was sitting in Boston Pizza with some friends about this time.  If you aren't aware, at Valentine's Boston Pizza gives people an opportunity to donate money to a cause and write their name on a heart that is posted in the restaurant.  Surrounded by these hearts and messages, our discussion turned to the question, 'what is love'.


Each year we are given a fresh page in our book of life to write our story.  Reflecting on last year, you probably have regrets, joys, surprises, and sadness.  I hope that through it all you can see God's leading and guiding in your story.



The story of Desmond Doss has become a big sensation in Hollywood. The movie "Hacksaw Ridge" has received good reviews and people all over the world are being introduced to the inspiring story of Desmond. While watching this movie, I was profoundly struck by the image of a faith that we should all strive to attain.



During this month we look forward to joining together with family and friends and enjoying a delicious home-cooked feast.  I hope that looking back at your family meal, you have many good memories. Thanksgiving is over but our attitude of giving thanks should never be over.



Fall: a time of woolly sweaters, crunching leaves, boots,  changing colors, and all things pumpkin.  There is a comfort and joy in these things that we associate with fall.  Change is a big part of this season as we change our wardrobe, our classrooms for some, and perhaps our schedule.

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