2015 Winnipeg Youth Rally

Are you spiritually tired or feel like giving up at times? Christ was victorious and He came so we can be victorious too! This youth rally is for youth and young adults. Come. Bring your friends. Be refreshed. Be victorious.

DATE:               November 27-29, 2015

LOCATION:      Red River Valley Jr. Academy, Winnipeg, Manitoba (56 Grey St., Winnipeg, MB  R2L 1V3)

REGISTER:      Alex Portillo, Youth & Youth Adult Coordinator Winnipeg (aportillo@mansaskadventist.ca)


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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, this Latino Canadian enjoys making friends everywhere he goes. He graduated from Burman University (formerly known as Canadian University College) with a BA in Religious Studies. He currently is ministering as the lead pastor for the Salmon Arm, Silver Creek, and Revelstoke Adventist churches, in beautiful British Columbia. He loves the Salvadorian food “pupusas”. He believes God wants to use you! Young or Old, if we give Him what we got, He can use us for His glory to reach one friend, one friendship at a time, and if there are pupusas there, that’s just an added bonus.




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