Horizons Youth Rally

Horizons Poster

The definition of horizon is the “line where the earth’s surface and sky seem to meet”.  At our youth rally, we want to create a place where God meets us, just as the sky and earth meet at the horizon.  Watch a new day arise in your life with the hopes and dreams God has placed in you. He is waiting for us and can’t wait to meet with you!

DATE: March 15-17, 2019

LOCATION: Curtis-Horne Christian School; 3718 Hill Ave.  Regina, SK

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DEADLINE: March 12, 2019

QUESTIONS?: Youth Department (306-244-9700 ext. 214, youth@mansaskadventist.ca)

TRAVELLING FROM WINNIPEG? Contact Pastor Mark Ricalde @ ricalde@edu.rrvja.ca OR  204-558-4748 

SPEAKER: Pastor Paul Llewellyn

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.09.33 PMPastor Paul is currently serving as the President of the Maritimes Conference.  Before taking this role, he served as the Youth Director for the Maritimes and previously was a teacher as well.  Paul loves sharing the Amazing Grace of Jesus and how our level of growth interprets Gods love at various periods of our growing.  As a teenager and young adult, Paul was scared of God and especially scared of the events surrounding the soon return of Jesus.  Now Paul sees God as a loving Father that will intimately care for His children no matter what they are going through. When He says that He will never leave us, God is telling us one of the greatest truths in the Bible and one that most of us will realize much later in life. The book of Romans is a book that reveals a lot of truth about ourselves and what a true christian will live like as they come to fall in love with Jesus. Paul has a great passion to see teens and young adults come to know the God that is found in the book of Romans and how we become a united people heading towards a new horizon with a new understanding of God and His plan for us and our church as we grow in Grace.  He is happily married and has two young adult children, Jessica and Daniel. 

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Looking forward to seeing you there!