More Information

Please take note of the following regarding the SPEAK Youth Rally.

  • After Friday vespers, we will be hosting an After Glow.  In our A F T E R G L O W open mic program, everyone is welcome to step up and share either your testimony, songs (guitar or keyboard will be provided), Slam poetry/Poetry or anything that God has inspired you to do. Come prepared to share!
  • Lunch and Supper on Sabbath will be provided for the attendees of the Youth Rally.
  • Sabbath afternoon we will be doing O U T R E A C H into the community.  There will be a couple options but be prepared to go outside and walk a bit!
  • Saturday night gym A C T I V I T I E S will be going on at the Seventh-day Adventist Christian School (2228 Herman Ave).  This event will conclude around 10 pm.  Bring running shoes and clothes to move around in. Feel free to make teams with team colors for a dodgeball tournament!
  • BILLETING: If you are being billeted, please bring sleeping bags and pillows and maybe even a thank-you card for your hosts! Breakfasts will be covered by your hosting family.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there! It’s going to be great.  

May God bless our plans and your travels!

Let’s all get ready to listen, SPEAK, and echo God’s message to us.

-the Youth Rally Leadership Team